Ashley Scott’s Resume

As a way of explaining the degree of variety in my skillset – this is an abbreviated history of paid work I’ve performed.

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2018-present: NSW Education Standards Authority. Drupal backend & theme developer on AWS platform. Web developer for static & legacy sites. Site task automation in Perl.

2015-2017: Board of Studies & Education Standards/NSW Education Standards Authority. Websphere/WCM solution developer (custom code, templates & workflows) for organisation intranet. Developer for re-skin of NSW Syllabus sites and deployment of new Stage 6 material. Web developer for static & legacy sites. Site task automation in Perl.

2013-2014: NSW Board of Studies. Web Developer (HTML,CSS,Javascript). PDF processing using Perl and open source tools.

2010-2013: Freelance WordPress Developer (templates, themes, plugins) & integrator (G- Apps, Mailchimp). Contract PHP/XML developer.

2008-2010: University of Sydney. Blackboard/WebCT administrator on Sun & Windows platforms. Perl developer for system integration & reporting services

2003-2008: University of Sydney. LDAP/Directory administrator on Linux platform. Java/XML developer for in-house web services

2001-2002: Usyd Health Sciences. C++ developer for in-house clinical applications on Win32 platforms.

1998-2000: Usyd Conservatorium of Music. Linux file web & services administrator, studio manager. Java & PHP web developer for in-house web services & intranet

1990-1998: Contract audiovisual & lighting designer, installer, operator etc. Work and collaborations with Art Gallery of NSW, Powerhouse Museum, UTS, Western Sydney University, Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney Hilton, etc.

and this is the semi-paid artistic/tech work outside of my dayjob – which this website is intended to showcase, although it’s an extremely gappy record.

I have worked with the Max/MSP/Jitter toolset for audio & video/animated graphics since the late 1990s and PureData almost a long. I developed several simple audio utility and helper applications (in C or TCL/Tk) to mesh with audio production using Max. Due to advances in the platform – all of these are basically abandoned as no longer required 🙂

I am currently building audio or MIDI applications using the ChucK language, hosted on Raspberry Pi as generators & building blocks for use in music composition with commercial hardware.

2010-present: Sensor networks and data processing on Arduino devices plus NodeJS & C++ apps (on the openFrameworks platform) to support (with motion detection, environment monitoring image analysis via IP camera & depth camera – Kinect), performance and audience-interactive works:

2017: for Julie Vulcan Darklight Metro Arts, Brisbane. Audio & lighting control

2016: for Madeleine Preston Stuck in the Mud Verge Gallery. Construction of Raspberry Pi based randomised & responsive music boxes for Sculptural exhibition

2016: for Squidsilo  RIMA (v.2) Artshouse, Melbourne. Construction of narrative text in sensed response to the artist’s movement. Webcast and twitter posting from the data-processing application.

2015: for Squidsilo RIMA  The Lockup, Newcastle. Construction of narrative text in sensed response to audience movements and gallery environmental elements. Twitterbot.

2014: for Julie Vulcan Drift Festival of Live Art, Melbourne. audio and live-posting of audience images

2014: for Deborah Pollard Yowza yowza yowza University of Wollongong – audio & webcasting

2001: Apple University Consortium seeded project developing Music Education software in TCL/Tk.