I am an artist & musician based in Sydney. I create music, art and devices to try and promote reflective or critical thinking about living in both the sensory world and in human society. My work is largely an attempt to isolate or provide commentary upon modes of experience and communication in cultural and technological spheres.


On the night bus between cities in Eastern Europe.

Completed for Verge Gallery, Sydney University November 2013.


Sequences from a popular TV show are observed through a narrow aperture. Sound & Image produced in Max/Jitter. Shown as a continuous looped projection.

Chrissie Cottier gallery, Sydney August 2008, revised 2013.


My father’s voice. From recordings of my father’s voice. Made for net radio: SoundPool 6


Extruded Snow

What we found in-between TV channels: broken or random signals. The audio was created in sympathy with this material. Both elements were developed in PureData.

Don’t Look gallery, Sydney August 2007